wish List

For Agencies Providing Services to Survivors of Human Trafficking

Direct Service Agencies

  • Gift cards to restaurants: Olive Garden, Chili's and fast food: Taco Bell, Subway, etc.
  • Food items: Water bottles, chips, variety of snack packs, breakfast or energy bars.
  • Gift cards for children to buy school supplies and for college students to buy books.
  • Gift cards to purchase personal hygiene items, or stores like Target, Walmart, etc.
  • Paying for a trip to the dentist or a women’s health check-up.
  • Transportation: BART & AC Transit passes, Greyhound bus ticket vouchers.
  • Clothing donations for families, including men, women, and children. Specifically - Long sleeve t-shirts without writing, women's lightweight sweat pants or yoga pants, socks (not footies).  Gift cards to stores, i.e. TJMaxx, Ross, Target, etc.
  • Emergency housing funds or Hotel Vouchers.

Legal Service Agencies

  • Donations to help pay for immigration services, especially trafficking and abuse specific visas, such as T-Visas and U-Visas
  • Donations to pay for passport photos, passports, medical exams, and notary fees
  • Donations to help petition for family members to join trafficking survivors
  • Donations to help pay for labor and employment cases, such as paying for depositions and fees