No Traffick Ahead is launching a campaign that brings attention to the reality: there are people who are victims of human trafficking right here in our community.


Many people are uninformed or misinformed about the alarming rates of trafficking in the United States, and how it intersects with their own lives. Some individuals are indifferent to the issue of sexual exploitation because they see the victims as criminals, who chose that path, rather than people who have been exploited through manipulation.

Labor exploitation often gets obscured by larger debates on immigration or confused with smuggling. The general public has a hard time accepting the idea that adults can be exploited, especially if there is no physical force involved.

People also lack understanding of actions they can take to help end trafficking, or they feel powerless or afraid to act. 

We hope to educate people on the truths of human trafficking, as well as to give them the inspiration to take action, so we can make permanent positive change in our community.

Human trafficking requires the use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of exploitation--except in the case of commercial sexual exploitation of minors, where coercion and force is implied. Surely, not everyone working in the industries indicated in our campaign is being trafficked. Moreover, there are many cases of wage theft that may not rise to the level of human trafficking. Still, many industries and businesses we interact with on a daily basis may profit from trafficking and exploitation, including nail salons, the janitorial industry, and the restaurant industry.


Creative Team:

Suzanne Boutilier, Creative Director + Copywriter,

Traci Shiro, Creative Director + Art,

Jordan Reeder Photography, Reeder Studios, LLC,


This campaign is the result of collaboration and support from the following agencies:

South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking

San Mateo County Police Chiefs & Sheriff Association

City and County of San Francisco Department on the Status of Women

Abolitionist Mom


Alameda County District Attorney and Alameda County HEAT Watch


County of Santa Clara

Clear Channel

J.C. Decaux

Valley Transportation Authority